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Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

As Atlanta’s roads become increasingly busy, even safe, defensive drivers who follow the law can be involved in serious car wrecks. These automobile accidents can result in variety of issues that you’ll be forced to deal with in the aftermath, including:

  • Serious and sometimes catastrophic injuries
  • Property damage to your vehicle
  • Inability to work or earn a living
  • Emotional trauma

You may have the right to seek financial compensation for these problems. An experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you seek the financial compensation you deserve after an accident. At Prieto, Marigliano, Holbert & Prieto, LLC, our lawyers take on the insurance companies to make sure they don’t pay you any less in a settlement than they have to and we will fight them in court, if necessary.

PMHP Law Can Help You Win Your Case

Car accidents in the Atlanta area and around Georgia have been increasing since 2010, according to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. At PMHP, we see a lot of accidents that are caused by:

  • Distracted Driving (use of cell phones, radios, eating while driving, etc.)
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Driving Without a License
  • Violation of Traffic Laws

These motor vehicle wrecks often result in injuries to drivers and passengers, damage to vehicles, and — in the worst cases — even loss of life. You deserve time to recover from your injuries after a car accident. A car accident lawyer from PMHP Law can take on your legal battle so you can set your focus on healing and getting your life back in order.

Let Us Fight for You after a Car Accident

The Atlanta car accident lawyers at PMHP have years of experience winning auto accident cases and securing significant compensation for our clients. We’ve built a reputation for success with recent noteworthy payouts for clients like you, including:

$1,550,000 $1,025,000 $300,000
Car Wreck Victim Car Accident Injury Car Wreck Injury

Your lawyer will work hard on your case, providing you with:

  • Clear Information About Your Suit
  • Sterling Customer Service and Support
  • Advice About Your Case

At PMHP, we believe in working quickly and efficiently to handle car accident cases. You don’t want to say anything you might later regret. As soon as you hire us, you can get our knowledge and experience on your side. You won’t have to go at it alone with us.

How Car Accident Lawyers Win Cases

Car accident cases can be challenging. Georgia is a “fault” state. This means that you may sue the driver that hit you for all of your damages. Georgia always uses “modified comparative fault” rules.

Modified comparative fault means that more than one driver can be blamed for an accident. You may only win a claim if you are found to be less than 50% to blame. Because of these complicated laws, getting professional help from an Atlanta auto accident lawyer is very important.

Your car accident lawyer can take on your case right away, by:

Investigating Your Accident

An investigation into your accident can require your lawyer to:

  • Interview Witnesses
  • Go Over Photos and Police Records
  • Dig into Driving Records
  • Assess Your Medical Records

It can be useful to your case if you gather information from eye-witnesses and other drivers at the scene of the accident. Our lawyers also recommend that you take pictures or videos of the scene, as it may strengthen your case.

Determining Your Damages

You are entitled to compensation if another driver causes an accident. Your lawyer will work to see if you are owed damages for the following (and more):

  • Medical Expenses
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Property Damage
  • Current or Future Lost Wages

Dealing with Insurance Companies

The insurance company for the driver that caused the accident will likely fight against your claim. Insurance agents are primarily concerned with securing their bottom line. They aren’t worried about justice or your medical bills.

That’s where your auto accident lawyer comes in. A successful car accident law firm can go toe-to-toe with large insurance companies. Your auto accident lawyer will build a case and may move into negotiations with the insurance company.

In some cases, the insurance company will settle without going to court. A settlement can provide you with the funds you need to recover. Note that insurance companies often offer small deals right away, before you can contact an experienced lawyer. These initial offers are designed to take advantage of you. You should not take any offer without allowing a legal professional on your side to assess it.

Taking Your Lawsuit to Court

In cases that cannot be settled, your lawsuit can go in front of a judge and jury. Many people find courtroom battles to be incredibly stressful. Your car accident lawyer can take this stress off of your shoulders, handling arguments and preparing the questioning for you.

At PMHP, we believe in supporting our clients from the beginning of their case until the very end. We’ll put our resources and skills to work, fighting to ensure you get a fair settlement or a courtroom win.

Don’t Delay – Get Help from an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Now

Our Atlanta car accident lawyers can give you the support and advice you need after a motor vehicle accident. However, we can only help you after you reach out to us. Your odds of getting a fair settlement improve dramatically if you seek legal help right away. Find out what we have to offer now with our FREE consultation.

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