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Columbus Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Many families in the Columbus area rely on nursing homes to provide care for their family members. Nursing homes are designed to provide around-the-clock medical care to individuals who cannot care for themselves due to age or disability.

Patients in nursing homes are often completely reliant on their caregivers. This puts them at increased risk for abuse. Many of the 1.4 million patients who live in nursing homes suffer abuse from healthcare workers and other employees, according to the National Center on Elder Abuse.

Luckily, you have options if you think a family member is being abused at a nursing home. The team at Prieto, Marigliano, Holbert & Prieto, LLC, can provide you with immediate legal advice about your situation. You can count on our Columbus nursing home abuse lawyers to protect your loved one and fight for compensation after any instance of mistreatment.

Common Examples of Nursing Home Abuse

The residents of nursing homes often require constant care that must be delivered in a timely and compassionate manner. Unfortunately, many care home employees are negligent in their duties, which can result in terrible consequences, including:

Bed Sores

Bed sores – known as decubitus ulcers in the medical community – are a serious danger. These sores form when bedridden patients are left in one position for extended periods of time. Patients must be turned regularly and their skin must be kept dry and clean to prevent these ulcers from forming.


Many individuals living in a nursing home cannot feed themselves any more. Nursing homes that simply place food in front of a patient and walk away can quickly cause issues with malnutrition.


The patients in a nursing home may not be steady on their feet due to age or ailments. Patients can fall when they are not properly supervised, leading to broken bones, cuts, and other serious injuries that can quickly become life threatening.

Causes of Abuse in Nursing Homes in Columbus

There are several factors that contribute to the prevalence of nursing home abuse. Many instances of abuse are caused by:

Poor Funding

Many long-term care facilities have their budgets cut in an attempt to make more money. Lower funds make it more difficult for the care home to maintain adequate levels of supplies. Facilities may also be unable to hire qualified staff members.

Improperly Trained Staff

Nursing home workers have many responsibilities. They are often required to provide medical care as well as feeding and cleaning their patients. These tasks can be difficult to perform if workers are not given proper training, which can lead to injuries and abuse.

Understaffed Facilities

We have also found that many nursing homes in the Columbus area do not have adequate numbers of staff to care for all of their patients. As workers feel overwhelmed by their workload, they may take out their frustration on patients.

We Will Help You Handle Nursing Home Abuse the Right Way

It is normal to feel overwhelmed and upset after discovering that a loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse. You might not know what to do next. Our legal team has years of experience handling abuse in nursing homes. We understand what actions you should take to resolve this situation.

We recommend that you contact the:

You may need to contact the police if your loved one was physically abused or assaulted in a long-term care facility. Note that assaults can be carried out by care home employees or other residents.

We may also advise that you remove your loved one from their current nursing home, depending on your situation. You may run the risk of allowing other instances of abuse to occur if your loved one stays in an unsafe environment.

While we are working to secure the safety of your family member, we will also work on ensuring you get fair compensation for any acts of abuse. We will gather evidence, including medical records and witness accounts of abusive actions.

At PMHP Law, we believe in fighting tirelessly to help our clients. We will aggressively go after the nursing home facility and the individual responsible for abusing your loved one to make sure you get maximum compensation.

Get Professional Help Dealing with Nursing Home Abuse in Columbus

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