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Georgia Truck Accident Lawyer

We share the road with big-rig trucks and we expect them to drive safely.

Trucking Accidents | Personal InjuryWe’ve all seen what rush hour looks like on the many interstates that run all across our state. Gridlock is unavoidable most work days and throw in an unexpected weather event or construction project and an already nightmare ride become even more unbearable for millions, both to and from work.

We share these congested roadways with a vast array of commercial trucks, from smaller, trailer towing landscaping vehicles to the large big rig, 18-wheelers, sometimes pulling two or more trailers themselves. Needless to say, an accident with any of these will not only cause significant damage to your vehicle, but also threatens you and your passengers with serious bodily injury or death.

Over the Road (“OTR”) trucks, by their very nature, are more difficult to drive, require hours of training and the drivers are subject to very specific federal guidelines to insure they are operating safely on the road. When truckers succumb to fatigue, haul unsecure loads, try to skirt the rules for safe driving or simply fail to pay attention, the potential for multi-vehicle wrecks greatly increases.

If you (or someone you know) have recently been involved in an accident with a tractor trailer, you will want to seek the advice and counsel of a legal team with the experience necessary to make sure you are afforded all the protections of the law available to you, including a fair and thorough compensation award to cover your pain, suffering and loss. The attorneys at Prieto, Marigliano, Holbert & Prieto, LLC, have that experience and are qualified to handle your trucking accident case. Our team of lawyers has represented the rights of victims of personal injury to the tune of millions of dollars in awarded damages. We are not afraid to tackle the financial backing of the big trucking firms and their multi-million dollar partners in the insurance industry.

Why seek legal representation when involved in a tractor trailer accident?

Based on their size and weight, when a big rig truck is at the heart of an accident on the roadway, it will be a large and messy result, often causing serious injuries and death, often involving several vehicles. The firms that employ these truck drivers are backed with teams of highly qualified attorneys to protect themselves and their profits. They will rush to get you to agree to a settlement, well below the amount of damages to which you may be entitled. If they employ a battalion of lawyers to fight for them, why wouldn’t you choose go into battle with your own team of skilled and experienced attorneys? Remember, they are not looking out to protect you or your family’s interests, but to get you to sign-off on a settlement designed only to protect themselves and their interests.

You must protect your rights!

We make sure to exhaust all efforts to investigate and determine a claim of negligence. We are proficient in researching the varied causes that may have played a part in the trucking accident that harmed you or members of your family, which includes driver fatigue, aggressive driving, impaired driver, a lack of driver experience, failure to properly secure the load, failure to maintain proper vehicle maintenance, texting while driving and not following federal truck driving guidelines.

We also endeavor to hold the trucking company accountable for their negligence in contributing to the accident. Our goal is to do all we can to prevent future accidents by making sure companies that choose to circumvent the law, short-change their driver’s education or knowingly use disqualified drivers are hit in the place that hurts them the most – their pocketbook. Trucking companies and their drivers, who choose to violate hours-of-service regulations, create an atmosphere of acceptable risk in favor of a short-term reward. Put simply, they are okay with a certainly level of dangerous behavior, knowing it is not a matter of if there will be an accident, but when. They rely on the knowledge that their lawyers will do all they can to mitigate their loses by trying to compel you to sign a settlement agreement well-below that which you deserve. Don’t feel pressured to deal with their attorneys or to navigate this complex area of law on your own.

At Prieto, Marigliano, Holbert & Prieto, LLC, we provide high quality, dedicated representation to pursue fair compensation for all damages and offer our legal skill in any truck accident, especially in cases requiring a wrongful death claim filed in civil court. These can be very difficult and emotional times and we know it could be challenging to know what to do. The first and most critical matter is to get legal representation. This should take place prior to allowing any access to medical records or answering any questions from an insurance adjuster.