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Mableton Car Accident Lawyer

After being in a car accident in Mableton, GA, you may have a lot on your plate. You may be dealing with serious injuries, extensive car repairs, and perhaps even unpaid time off work that you could never have possibly budgeted for. You also have the unpleasant task of dealing with the insurance company while struggling to cope with all of this.

Having to handle an insurance company can be motivating enough to hire a car accident lawyer to help you. Letting a lawyer handle your case can allow you to breathe again by taking the stress off you and letting someone else handle the details. Lucky for you, our lawyers at Prieto, Marigliano, Holbert & Prieto, LLC have decades of experience handling car insurance companies so that you do not have to.

Dealing With The Insurance Company

After a car accident, you may receive a settlement offer from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The amount they are offering may seem like a great deal, but you must keep in mind that insurance companies are not in the business of giving money away – or else they would no longer be in business. They stay in business by offering you the minimum they can offer to satisfy you and get your file off their desk.

What this means is that it is highly unlikely that any settlement they offer you without a fight is going to be truly worth your time. A car accident lawyer knows all the ways insurance companies try to cut corners, and he or she knows that when an insurance company sees a lawyer coming, they know you are not going to go away quietly. They may just offer you a larger settlement to keep your case out of court.

Types Of Damages

When considering what to counter-offer when it comes to crafting a settlement, you need to be aware of the types of damages you can recover. The failure to understand all forms of compensation available to you under Georgia’s personal injury laws could result in you agreeing to a much lower settlement than you would otherwise be entitled to.

When drafting your claim, the first thing you may want to ask for is compensation for your medical expenses, which is certainly valid. However, many settlement offers do not consider the possibility of future medical expenses stemming from the accident. A car accident lawyer can help you determine how much your continued treatment is likely to cost and can then incorporate that amount into your settlement offer.

You may also be entitled to additional economic damages. For instance, if you have been unable to work, or if you have been put on modified duty, you can demand lost wages as part of your claim. Likewise, if you are unable to obtain a promotion or a raise because of your injuries, you may be able to claim damages for these losses as well.

If your injury was traumatic, you may also be able to claim pain and suffering. Accidents that result in a wrongful death or the amputation of a limb may qualify for additional compensation. You may even be entitled to punitive damages, which are awarded as punishment for reckless or negligent behavior. A car accident lawyer can guide you through the process of what exactly you should be filing for.

Processing Your Claim

A car accident lawyer can help you file a comprehensive and timely claim. Failing to file your claim correctly can cause you to receive less than you would have if you had included everything you were entitled to. In some cases, if you have to correct your claim so many times that you miss the filing deadlines, the court may dismiss your claim, and you may not receive anything at all.

In the state of Georgia, a jury determines how much liability the parties to an accident should share. If you are unable to convince the jury that you were not partially at fault, you may only be awarded a fraction of what you asked for.

Additionally, Georgia has a statute of limitations on personal injury claims, which is two years from the date of the incident. This time can only be paused for rare exceptions. The failure to file your claim within the specified timeframe can result in your case being dismissed before it ever even reaches a jury.

If You Were In A Car Accident In Mableton, Georgia, You Need A Good Car Accident Lawyer!

The minute you are in a car accident in the state of Georgia, the clock starts to run. You have two years from the date of the accident to gather all the evidence you need to properly build your case. This process can be overwhelming for some people – especially if you are busy coping with lost wages and recovering from your injuries.

Our lawyers at Prieto, Marigliano, Holbert & Prieto, LLC are here to help. We can review what you have gathered thus far and advise you of how to proceed. Or, if you have not been able to gather anything, let us take over to ensure your claim is filed timely and properly the first time around to minimize delays and potential dismissal.

Call us today at (855) 329-7144 or use the contact form on the right and schedule a free consultation with no obligation to retain. Our expert legal advice may very well increase your total settlement reward, and we collect no fees unless we win. So, what do you have to lose? Call us today!