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Peachtree Corners Dog Bite Lawyer

Most people in Peachtree Corners see dogs as friendly and loyal animals. We rely on dogs to provide us with companionship and love. Unfortunately, some dogs are not safe to be around and they may attack people.

You may be entitled to compensation if you were bitten by a dog. The professionals at Prieto, Marigliano, Holbert & Prieto, LLC believe that canine attacks should be taken seriously, as they can lead to severe injuries and infections. Contact us today so our Peachtree Corners dog bite lawyers can start fighting to get you the damages you deserve.

Common Injuries Caused By Dog Bites in Peachtree Corners

It is easy to forget that canines are a predatory species. Dogs are armed with sharp teeth and claws that can cause tremendous damage in an attack. Individuals who are bitten by a dog may face:

  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Nerve damage
  • Broken bones

Dog bites can also lead to serious infections. Dogs may transmit rabies and dangerous bacteria through their bites. You may need immediate medical attention to handle these infections in order to protect your health.

Additionally, dog attacks can easily be deadly, especially if the dog attacks a child. According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMA), around 12 people are killed every year in dog bite attacks. Another 800,000 people must get medical care after a canine attack.

You do not have to try to handle a serious canine mauling on your own. Let our professional dog bite lawyers help you recover from the trauma of a dog bite today by fighting to get you the compensation you need.

Georgia’s Laws On Dog Bites in Peachtree Corners

Many states will automatically hold a dog’s owner liable for the injuries caused by a dog bite. Georgia stands as an exception to this rule, so it is very important that you get professional help on your side if you are bitten by a dog.

Georgia’s law will only hold a dog’s owner liable in certain specific cases. You may be able to get compensation if:

  • The dog previously bit someone else
  • The dog is a dangerous Breed

Note that – due to recent changes to the legal codes in Georgia – you may also be awarded compensation if the dog previously behaved in an aggressive way. This applies even if you are the first person the dog bit.

Establishing that the dog that bit you had a history of aggressive behavior can be difficult on your own. A dog bite lawyer in Peachtree Corners can speak with any witnesses to the attack and individuals who might be familiar with the dog to gather information to support your claim.

Contact the team at PMHP Law immediately after an attack to increase the odds that you will get the compensation you need after a canine attack.

Compensation For Peachtree Corners Dog Bite Injuries

Individuals who are bitten by dogs in Peachtree Corners may be able to get compensation to cover their:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

We understand that the terror of a dog attack can be especially difficult to deal with. Children may be terrified by a dog attack, making it difficult for them to move forward after a vicious bite.

We also know that some dog bites may have deadly consequences. You have legal options if you lost a loved one in a canine attack. Our wrongful death lawyers in Peachtree Corners can provide you with information about the best ways to get the compensation you need to cover funeral or burial expenses.

You do not have to try to handle the aftermath of a dog bite on your own. Let us provide you with the professional help you need to get compensation for your injuries and other losses.

Resolving a Dog Bite Claim in Peachtree Corners

There are two primary ways you can get compensation after a canine attack in Peachtree Corners. Depending on your situation, your lawyer may:

  • Work to settle with the insurance company
  • Take your case to court

Many cases are settled after a period of intensive negotiations. Insurance companies will try to offer you as little compensation as possible. Your dog bite lawyer will stand up for you and work to make sure you get maximum damages so you can move forward with your life.

In cases where a settlement agreement cannot be reached, your lawyer can take your claim to court. Let us go over your options now so you are ready to fight to get full compensation after a dog bite injury.

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A dog bite can leave you shaken and unsure where to turn for help. The professionals at Prieto, Marigliano, Holbert & Prieto, LLC, are here to offer you the legal guidance you need. Let our team of Peachtree Corners dog bite lawyers start fighting to get you compensation today. You can reach us by completing our online contact form, or calling (855) 329-7144.

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