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Roswell Car Accident Lawyer

Most people throughout the Roswell area use a motor vehicle every day. We use cars, trucks, motorcycles, and vans to get to our jobs and to school. Drivers hit the road to get groceries, run errands, and to enjoy the city during their free time.

Unfortunately, drivers can be involved in a serious car accident every time they get into their vehicle. Car accidents are a common sight on the roads in Roswell, often leaving drivers with serious injuries and totaled vehicles.

Some drivers are entitled to compensation after they are involved in a wreck. You may be able to get damages to cover your medical bills and vehicle repair costs by contacting a Roswell car accident lawyer right away. The team at Prieto, Marigliano, Holbert & Prieto, LLC, can start working on your case today.

Car Accident Facts in Roswell

The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety keeps records of car accidents around the state. There were 385,221 crashes just in the year 2015. The total number of crashes around the state has been increasing steadily over the last several years. Vehicles involved in these cars can include:

Sometimes, car accidents can also injure individuals not operating motor vehicles. We see pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents every year. Taken together, the accidents in 2015 resulted in:

  • 19,405 Serious Injuries
  • 1,430 Fatalities

Handling a Roswell Car Accident

It can be difficult to know how best to respond to a car accident. There are several steps that you should try to take after any motor vehicle collision in Roswell:

Stay at the Scene

Some drivers just want to leave to get medical treatment after an accident. It is important that you do not leave the accident, especially if multiple people are injured. The police could accuse you of fleeing the scene if you drive away.

You should also stay at the scene of the accident to take pictures of the accident and your injuries. It is a good idea to exchange contact information with other drivers and any witnesses to the accident.

Get Medical Treatment

Car accidents can lead to serious injuries, including:

  • Broken Bones
  • Head, Neck, and Back Injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Whiplash
  • Damage to Internal Organs

It is vitally important that you seek treatment for any injury you sustain in a car accident. You may be awarded compensation if you have records of your medical treatment and proof that you were actually hurt in the collision.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

The necessity of contacting a professional car accident lawyer may slip your mind while you are getting medical treatment and recovering from your wreck. However, drivers that get professional help on their side right away increase the odds that they will get maximum compensation for their injuries and other losses.

A car accident lawyer can also offer you protection once you reach out to get help. You may be approached by insurance agents who offer you subpar settlements. A car accident lawyer can look over these deals to ensure you are treated fairly.

Your car accident lawyer can also help ensure that you do not say anything that can weaken your car accident claim. Many drivers do not realize that they could damage their case by apologizing or saying something that could be taken as an admission of fault.

Make sure that you’ve spoken to a car accident lawyer before you discuss your accident or sign anything offered by other drivers or their insurance companies.

Getting Fair Compensation after a Car Accident

Car accidents can leave you facing mountains of debt. A car accident lawyer in Roswell may be able to help you get compensation to cover:

  • Medical Treatment
  • Repairs for Your Vehicle
  • Income Lost Due to Injury
  • Pain and Suffering

In many cases, a car accident lawyer can work with insurance agents to secure you a fair settlement. A settlement offer will allow you to get the compensation you need without a lengthy courtroom battle.

However, sometimes you can only get fair compensation by filing a lawsuit. The team at PMHP Law has experience helping clients get the compensation they need in and out of court. We have recently secured the following recoveries for our clients:

$1,550,000 $1,025,000 $300,000
Car Wreck Victim Nonfatal Car Wreck Victim Pedestrian Accident Victim

Let a Roswell Car Accident Lawyer Help You

You can improve your chances of getting maximum compensation after a wreck by contacting a Roswell car accident lawyer immediately. Make sure you are getting the help you need by reaching out to the team at Prieto, Marigliano, Holbert & Prieto, LLC, today. You can reach us by completing our online contact form or calling (855) 329-7144.

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