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Sandy Springs Bus Accident Lawyer

Motor vehicle crashes can always end with severe injuries. However, some crashes are more dangerous than others. Collisions involving large buses can pose a great risk to:

  • Other Drivers
  • Bus Passengers
  • Pedestrians

Buses are large enough to crush other vehicles and to severely injure innocent victims. Every year, we hear of cases of serious injury and wrongful death caused by bus accidents. Those injured in bus accidents may be able to get maximum compensation for their injuries, damage to their vehicles, and more if they contact an experienced Sandy Springs bus accident lawyer right away.

The legal team at Prieto, Marigliano, Holbert & Prieto, LLC, has the experience necessary to successfully handle a bus accident case for our clients. We understand the legal steps you need to take to get full compensation for your injuries and we are here to provide the help you need right away.

Types of Sandy Springs Bus Accidents

There are many different kinds of buses moving on the roads through Sandy Springs. We can help you in the aftermath of:

The design of buses makes them more dangerous than other vehicles in some ways. For examples, many buses are at an increased risk for roll-over crashes because of their design. Some buses do not offer passengers seat belts or other protective restraints, which can increase the odds of a serious injury. Bus drivers also have to deal with unique blind spots that can increase the odds of a bus accident occurring.

You can get help handling any kind of bus accident by contacting PMHP Law today.

Determining Fault in a Bus Accident Case

Bus accidents take place for a wide variety of reasons. Your accident could be the fault of:

  • The Bus Driver
  • The Bus Company
  • Other Drivers

Any distracted, fatigued, or inebriated driver could cause a bus accident. We also see bus accidents caused by drivers that lack the experience necessary to operate large motor vehicles. In some cases, bus companies fail to perform necessary maintenance and this leads to deadly accidents.

Note that your accident could also be caused by a manufacturing company that produced faulty parts used in the construction of a bus. In some cases, the city of Sandy Springs could even bear responsibility for an accident, if the wreck was caused by a faulty traffic signal or road disrepair.

We can help regardless of who caused your accident. We will investigate the scene of the collision, speak with eye-witnesses, and even reconstruct your accident to find out exactly who is to blame for your injuries.

We Offer Our Clients Comprehensive Service after a Bus Accident

Bus accident victims are often badly shaken in the aftermath of the wreck. We can help you find your feet again by providing you with prompt answers about your legal situation. We believe that you should be able to reach your bus accident lawyer easily and without a fight.

Our bus accident lawyers will ensure that you stay informed about any developments in your case. Our team also focuses on ensuring our clients receive the maximum possible damages allowable by law. Depending on your exact situation, we may be able to get you compensation for:

  • Current and Future Medical Expenses
  • Damage to Your Property
  • Wages Lost While Recovering
  • Pain and Suffering

You may even be awarded punitive damages after a bus accident. Punitive damages are used to punish the at-fault individual for causing a serious accident.

Note that you should not speak with an insurance company or the at-fault driver before contacting a bus accident lawyer. Insurance companies can try to use anything you say about the accident against you. They may also try to get you to accept a settlement offer that will not fully address your expenses.

A bus accident lawyer will offer you protection after a bus accident while fighting to make sure all of your injuries are properly addressed.

Get Help from a Professional Bus Accident Lawyer in Sandy Springs

Bus companies get professional legal help handling all accidents, and so should you. Having a skilled Sandy Springs bus accident lawyer on your side increases that chances that you will get the maximum compensation for your case. You can contact Prieto, Marigliano, Holbert & Prieto, LLC, to get a FREE consultation geared to your unique situation today.

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