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Smyrna Slip And Fall Lawyer

Individuals in Smyrna can slip and fall anywhere. Many slip and fall accidents occur in businesses or in private homes. Other slips occur in medical facilities, leading to especially serious injuries.

You might be entitled to compensation for any injuries you sustained after slipping and falling. It can be challenging to fight for the damages you deserve on your own. Contacting a Smyrna slip and fall lawyer right away can boost the chances that you will be treated fairly after a fall.

You can reach out to the team at Prieto, Marigliano, Holbert & Prieto, LLC right away if you need help building a slip and fall injury case. We can start going over your legal options right now.

Building a Slip and Fall Case in Smyrna

Slipping often leads to serious injuries, especially among elderly people and individuals who are on a job site. If you were injured as a result of a fall, you might be able to get compensation for your medical bills and other expenses.

In order to secure you the compensation you need, your slip and fall lawyer will need to show that:

  • A property owner did not maintain safe conditions
  • The lack of safe conditions caused your fall
  • The fall led to your injuries

Our team can look into the facts surrounding your case to determine exactly what caused you to slip. We can also go over all of your medical records, to ensure all of your treatments are covered. Let our Smyrna personal injury lawyers start building your case today.

Slip and Fall Injuries in the Workplace

It is true that you can slip and fall anywhere. However, according to the National Safety Council, many falls occur while people are at work. Slips are especially common in the following industries:

  • The Government – 63,350 fall injuries in 2016
  • Education and Health Services – 43,660 fall Iinjuries in 2016
  • Retail Trade – 29,830 fall injuries in 2016
  • Construction – 24,700 fall injuries in 2016

Let our team handle any workplace slip and fall accidents. You can rely on us to help you develop a personal injury claim, a workers’ compensation claim, and any other legal claim you need to get full compensation.

Slip and Fall Injuries in the Medical Field

Sick and injured individuals are at an increased risk of suffering a slip and fall injury. Many of us feel out of sorts and off-balance when visiting a hospital or other healthcare facility to receive treatment. Individuals can fall while getting out of a medical bed, walking the halls, or at any other time.

Many slip and fall accidents occur while older individuals receive treatment in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

Our team has experience handling slip and fall cases tied to medical treatment. We recently secured the following amounts for our clients:

$200,000 $200,000 $125,000
Fall in Hospital Fall in Hospital Fall from Hospital Bed

We can start working on your case today. Contact us now to boost your odds of getting compensation if you slipped and fell in a hospital.

Compensation For Slip And Fall Accidents in Smyrna

The legal system in Smyrna allows you to seek compensation if you are injured after accidentally slipping and falling. The exact amounts of compensation you receive can vary based on the circumstances surrounding your accident. Generally, you could be able to receive damages for:

  • Medical expenses and treatments
  • Wages lost while you recover
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish

You are more likely to receive full compensation for your losses if you are working with a professional slip and fall lawyer. Let the team at PMHP Law build your case. We will gather evidence, speak with eyewitnesses, go over your medical records, and negotiate with insurance companies for you.

Our goal will be securing you a settlement that covers all of your losses. Generally, individuals who try to negotiate with insurance companies on their own get smaller amounts of compensation than individuals who get professional help.

We can also take your case to court if the insurance company will not treat you fairly. Our professional slip and fall lawyers know what it takes to build a successful slip and fall claim. Reach out to us now if you need help fighting for the compensation you deserve.

Let a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Smyrna Help You

A fall can lead to serious injuries, including broken bones and traumatic head injuries (TBIs). You can get help recovering maximum compensation for your injuries by contacting a Smyrna slip and fall lawyer immediately after a fall. The team at Prieto, Marigliano, Holbert & Prieto, LLC can start building your case right away. Fill out our online contact form on the right, or call us at (855) 329-7144 so we can start focusing on your legal needs.

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