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Why did you choose Elder Care law as your area of expertise?

How would you describe your approach toward new clients?

What type of health care experts would be working on my case?

What does it cost to seek your legal advice?

Can you describe the people who work with you?

My loved one is in a small town facility that is too small to be a problem, right?

Are there more people entering elder care facilities today?

What is the point in going after a facility where abuse or neglect has taken place?

Are assisted living facilities as regulated as nursing homes?

How do I choose the right attorney to help us if we suspect neglect or abuse is taking place?

Is there any point to getting a lawyer involved if my loved one has already passed away?

Should we be worried about retaliation if we choose to question the care our loved one is receiving?

What should I do if I suspect neglect or abuse?

What are bedsores and where do I look for them?

What signs of nursing home abuse or neglect should you watch for?