Motor Vehicle Accidents

Get The Legal Help You Need After A Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

From car crashes on Georgia’s roadways to boating or airplane accidents, motor vehicle accidents can often result in severe injuries, damage to vehicles, medical debt, and more.

With decades of experience serving the needs of accident victims, the attorneys at Prieto, Marigliano, Holbert, & Prieto, LLC, have the skill and compassion necessary to protect your rights after a motor vehicle accident. We are proud to represent the interests of accident victims in Atlanta and the surrounding area, and we will stand by your side when an accident has changed your life.

Handling A Variety Of Auto Accident Cases

At PMHP Law, our team of motor vehicle accident lawyers has represented victims of a wide variety of motor vehicle accidents. These include:


Big Rig, Tractor Trailer, and Semi-Truck Accidents

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you know better than anyone that big trucks cause big injuries. The immense size and power of these vehicles can cause significant damage to your car and body—leaving potential lifetime problems. In situations like these, it’s best to call a trucking accident lawyer.


Car Crashes

Your typical crash can leave you with huge medical bills, vehicle damages, and other costs—all of which you shouldn’t have to deal with on your own. Hiring a lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve. Even with help from insurance, it doesn’t always cover the necessary costs. That’s where a good lawyer comes in.


Motorcycle Collisions

It has been said that motorcycle crashes are up to six times more likely to lead to fatal injuries than car accidents. If you have a motorcycle, it’s important to think about the risks associated with it and how you can protect yourself. In the case of an unfortunate accident, getting the help of PMHP’s incredible motor vehicle accident lawyers will help you get everything back on track.


Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Unfortunately, pedestrians and cyclists have the highest risk of injury during an accident. It’s important to protect yourself by getting the legal help of an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer. They can make sure that your medical bills, lost wages, and other costs are taken care of.


Boat Collisions

Boat accidents usually don’t get the same attention as car accidents, but they can be just as severe—sometimes even worse. Boats are hard to maneuver and control in tight spaces or choppy waters—meaning that when an accident happens, it can cause huge damage to property and people. Don’t hesitate to get PMHP involved when an accident occurs on the water.


These accidents can result in a wide variety of property damage and injuries, including head trauma, chronic pain, paralysis or death. Whether that damage can be healed in a short time or requires long-term care, you deserve compensation from the responsible parties.

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