A Moment For Us To Tell You, Who We Are

We greatly appreciate your taking the time to review our website. While we have tried to give you an accurate understanding of who we are and what we do, please feel free to call anyone at the PMHP Law Firm for any additional questions you may have.

While our firm was first formed in October, 2012, we have more than 85 years of collective legal experience, have tried more than 500 cases, and have participated in hundreds, if not thousands, of mediations, arbitrations, and settlement conferences.  We are uniquely situated to handle your claim given our collective experience.  Jack Slover, our senior partner, has primarily handled defense matters for more than 37 years and there is not a case or matter that he has not seen or participated in first hand. Jon Marigliano has 16 years of experience doing defense work, primarily in defending medical, nursing and dental malpractice cases and he and Jack can draw on their vast defense background to properly evaluate your claim, initiate the most favorable strategy and anticipate what the defenses will be given their years in defending all such matters.  They have also defended numerous car and truck accidents, product matters, business and/or contract disputes, and premises liability claims and their defense experience is invaluable in allowing us to predict what the defense will be to your claim and the most advantageous manner in moving your case forward.  Mike Prieto and Bill Holbert have carved out a niche for themselves as two of the most prominent nursing home or long term care attorneys, have handled hundreds of such cases and have earned more money from such matters than any other firm in Georgia.  Mike is regularly featured in the media on issues concerning long term health or nursing home litigation.  Mike and Bill have also handled numerous car and truck accident matters, slip and fall matters, premises liability matters as well as business and/or contract disputes.

There are no guarantees in the law and no lawyer can predict an outcome. What we can promise you is that we will meet with you in person, thoroughly evaluate your potential claim and give you an honest and realistic assessment of whether you have a viable claim and the potential of such claim.  At a minimum, we can provide you with the knowledge you need to determine what would be in your best interest.

Should you have any questions about our firm, whether you have a viable potential legal matter that needs to be addressed, or have any questions as to whether our firm can be of assistance to you and/or your loved ones, please do not hesitate to call. You will speak with employees, not phone operators, and a lawyer will quickly address your concerns.  Thank you again for visiting our website.