Should we be worried about retaliation if we choose to question the care our loved one is receiving?


“One of the biggest questions I receive from a prospective client is what would happen if their loved one is there [at a facility] and they come to see a lawyer?  Obviously they are very concerned about the possibility of retaliation and I tried to explain to them that that really is not the case. I try to utilize a story or a lesson I learned from my own life to illustrate that.

That story is, my mom used to bake cookies and when I was growing up she would set out a big thing of wax paper on the kitchen table and she would put out the cookies to cool. Needless to say I always wanted to eat the cookie and mom would say, ‘Mike don’t eat the cookies until after we have lunch.’ And then she would walk away.

And, I ask everyone, was I more apt to eat a cookie while mom was there watching me or when she walked away?  Well, the answer’s obvious. When she walked away, I would grab two cookies, I would switch them all around so they were not in the order that she put them there, I would take my cookies and I would go away.

Now, it’s a silly little story but it’s applicable to this question.

When I become involved in the case, their legal team becomes involved in the case, their corporate offices become involved in the case, their administrator becomes involved in the case, the director of nursing becomes involved in the case, the ombudsman for the state of Georgia becomes involved in the case. With all those eyes on your loved one it ensures that they get better care than they ever did before.”

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