Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) Require A Firm With Experience

Brain injuries or, specifically, traumatic brain injuries (“TBI”) are devastating injuries that can have permanent and severe consequences to the recipient. These injuries can range from “mild” and are not diagnosed to “severe” that can permanently disable a person and reduce the life expectancy. Brain and/or traumatic brain injuries can occur from car/truck/motorcycle accidents, falls, medical care, tumors, infections, strokes, hypoxia and/or anoxia, exposure to chemicals and/or toxins, defective products, boating and sporting accidents, firearms and in conjunction with neck and/or spinal cord injuries. Many times, an understanding as to the severity and permanency of the brain injury is elusive for both the medical care providers and the attorneys.

The lawyers at Slover, Prieto, Marigliano, & Holbert, LLC. have a vast and extensive history in are extremely complex and SPMH has the resources and network of medical consultants to make sure you or your loved one get the care and treatment you need while we explore whether the negligence of a person and/or company was responsible for the injuries. Often, other consultants such as engineers, chemists, accident reconstructionists, economists, life care planners, tax accountants, and specialists in other areas are needed to properly further your claim.

Should you or your loved one have suffered a brain injury, regardless of the cause,Slover, Prieto, Marigliano, & Holbert, LLC. is available to properly and quickly evaluate your claim and advise you as to your options.

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