The Hands-Free Georgia Act passed in 2018 to deal with the problem

Many drivers on Georgia’s roads are not paying attention. More people drive while talking, texting and messaging on their phones. To do those things, people must take their hands off the wheel and their eyes off the road.

That negligence caused accidents, injuries and deaths.

It became illegal to:

  • Have an electronic device in your hands.
  • Have a phone or device touching any part of your body while driving.
  • Write, read, or send messages, emails, social media content or any internet data while on the road.
  • Watch videos
  • Use phones or electronic devices to record video while on the road.

Hands-free technology allows you to use your phone in the vehicle. To use it, you must have an earpiece, a speakerphone or a wireless phone. If you want to use the device, you must connect it to your vehicle or an electronic watch.

You can also stream music. To do it, you must control the stream (and listen to it) through your vehicle’s radio. You must program the stream before you start driving. You can also use your phone’s GPS and watch navigation-related videos.

Attentive driving is saving lives and reducing accidents

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety released statistics suggesting the law works. There were almost 25,000 citations issued the first year. There were fewer distracted driving accident reports and three percent fewer deaths.

Most people have a smartphone. They have become an ever-present distraction. The new law emphasizes one message that you should take away from the law. Put your device down and keep your attention on the road.