What car crash victims should do

Dealing with insurance companies after a car accident does not have to be too stressful, especially if those involved took the right steps immediately after the event. Georgia residents should know about some of these essential steps.

Having a police officer there

Victims should try to stay calm and not blame the other side or admit fault themselves. Interactions between the two parties should be limited beyond the exchange of names and insurance information. If there were any injuries, someone should call an ambulance. The police should also be called, even when everyone is cooperating, because they will write a report. This can help later when the insurance companies are determining what happened.

Recording what happened

Victims may want to write down what happened as best as they can remember, drawing a diagram if necessary. They should photograph the vehicle damage and the injuries. Making written and audio records can be easier with WreckCheck, a free app from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Besides all this, victims should get any witnesses’ contact information as well as the police officer’s name and badge number.

Knowing what insurance covers

In Georgia, a person may file a personal injury claim even if he or she is partially at fault. It’s important to know about property damage and bodily injury liability coverage as well as other types of coverage that may come into play.

A lawyer to assist with your case

If you were involved in a car accident, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim. If a lawyer evaluates your case and finds it to be strong, you may want to go ahead with the claim and have the lawyer assist with each step. Personal injury lawyers might have a network of investigators, medical experts and other third parties who may contribute to a successful claim.