Summer can make Atlanta’s roads more dangerous

As Atlanta temperatures are starting to rise, it is important to consider the effects this can have on driving.

You probably know about the effects the heat can have on your car, but have you ever considered the impact the heat has on you when driving?

  • The sun makes it hard to see: Squinting through the glare of the summer sun is not a safe way to drive. Wear sunglasses to allow your eyes to stay open and relaxed so they can concentrate on the road.
  • Dehydration: It is essential to stay hydrated for your reflexes and concentration to be at their best. You need to drink more water in hot weather.
  • The sun and heat can wear you down: The constant effect of the temperature and sun can make you feel more tired than on a cooler day. Sitting inside a car is like sitting in a greenhouse; you are surrounded by glass, which makes it feel even hotter.
  • Summer makes daytime drinking more tempting: It is more attractive than ever to have a chilled glass of white wine with lunch or crack open an ice-cold beer in the afternoon.
  • Summer showers: When it rains in summer, it can pour, and the roads can become more slippery than after a winter shower. The reason is that oil and other gunk has built upon the road surface, and is released when it rains, making for an increased chance of skidding.

Remember, even if you are taking care to minimize all these dangers, many other Atlanta drivers will not be. If you have a driving accident contact a local attorney to explore the legal options available to you.