Trucker shift time could be a factor in truck accidents

Georgia drivers who share the road with large trucks will understandably be worried about their size, the speeds at which they travel and the potential dangers they face if there is an accident. People can suffer catastrophic injuries and lose their lives in truck accidents. There are many potential causes for these collisions including distracted drivers, speeding, negligence, truckers who are under the influence and drowsy driving. Researchers try to find the root cause of these accidents to prevent them. This research can be critical for those considering a legal filing.

Statistics assess riskiest driving times for truckers

A recent data assessment says that commercial truck drivers have a 26% higher chance of driving in an unsafe manner when they are in the middle of their shift and a 41% chance of driving dangerously near the end when compared to the start. The following was considered when coming to these conclusions: the harshness with which truckers accelerated and hit the brakes; driving while distracted and tailgating. Drivers’ shifts were from four hours to 12 hours. Regardless of the duration, the results were consistent.

A notable issue was hard accelerating. This happened 77% more frequently when the drivers were on the final 10th of their time on the job. It was 39% when they were in the middle. For hard braking, it happened 54% more often when they were close to the end of the shift vs. 28% around the start. Regarding distractions, truckers had a 36% greater likelihood of being distracted early in the shift. That is double what it was from the middle to the end. The results are believed to have been impacted by other factors including city traffic, stops when drivers are close to their destination, and driver fatigue. Alerts to warn drivers when they are committing these acts is perceived as effective at preventing them.

Legal advice may help after a truck accident

Although weather and unforeseen circumstances can have an impact on truck crashes, the most common cause is driver behavior. This information shows that drivers might place others in greater jeopardy depending on when they started their shift and when it is near its end. With injuries, medical costs, property damage and extensive challenges that can accompany truck accidents, it may be crucial to have legal advice to consider a lawsuit.