Could a hand injury in a car crash derail your career and your life?

Injuries to your fingers, hands and wrists can easily happen in a car crash due to force of the collision. Even if you aren’t otherwise hurt, the damage to your hand can be significant. Long after the pain, swelling and bruises fade, chronic problems can remain.

Some of the most common injuries associated with motor vehicle collisions and their consequences include:

  • Fractures: Whether it’s a simple break or a compound fracture that ultimately requires surgery, a broken bone in a finger, wrist or hand can vastly complicate your life. You may be unable to work your regular job for weeks or months. You may also be unable to dress yourself or meet other personal needs without assistance, engage in your favorite pastimes or take care of your children.
  • Torn ligaments: Your ligaments are fibrous tissues that help you control the motion of your hands and fingers. If the damage becomes permanent, you may experience long-term problems with your fine motor skills. That can be devastating if your career relies on it, as so many do.
  • Joint dislocation: A dislocated joint can be terribly painful, and it can take a long time to heal. Just like the injuries above, you may have significant trouble with both fine and gross motor skills. Joint dislocations can also be disfiguring, which is emotionally distressing.

If you have an injury to your fingers, hand or wrist following a crash, don’t take chances: Get medical treatment. A hospital or clinic can x-ray your hand or wrist and check for broken bones. If need be, they can immobilize any damaged bones or refer you to a surgeon. Quick treatment may prevent long-term complications.

Once you have a chance to get treatment for your injuries, make sure that you find out more about how you can hold the negligent party responsible for your losses.