What are some causes of truck accidents?

A career as a truck driving could be a rewarding one. Even in uncertain economic times, cargo has to travel to its destination. Georgia roads might sometimes feel overcrowded with trucks on their way to pickups and drop-offs. Not every trip runs smoothly, as accidents happen. Sometimes, truck collisions result in multi-car pile-ups and fatalities. The reasons for so many horrific crashes might not surprise everyone.

New drivers taking to the roads

A tractor-trailer is hardly an easy vehicle to operate, which is why commercial driver’s licenses come with so many requirements. Even someone who passes all required tests and undergoes extensive training is still a “newbie” when starting a career. Training is not the same as going out on the road on a real trip. New drivers may find themselves limited by their inexperience. New drivers might succumb to fatigue even when taking required breaks. Some may not realize how vital mandated breaks are, and they may skip them. Fatigued drivers could cause truck accidents due to slowed reaction times or falling asleep at the wheel.

Drugs and alcohol abuse create dangers

Truck drivers may turn to alcohol and drugs to deal with the road. Uppers provide a potentially deadly solution to deal with fatigue. Amphetamines and other stimulants affect the mind. Some drugs could cause hallucinations and other mind-altering, dangerously distracting results. Drivers looking for ways to uplift their mood and wind down from a stressful day may find terrible options in alcohol and cannabis. Some drivers might continue to drive even while under the influence, increasing the risk of an accident dramatically. The same could be true of legally prescribed drugs.