Summer is Georgia’s deadliest time for car accidents

With Memorial Day behind us, we are in the unofficial first weeks of summer. Summer means many things, like a break from school and a chance for family vacations. But one thing the summer season represents is not at all positive.

Traffic safety experts call the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day the “100 deadliest days.” People in Atlanta and across the country tend to drive more during the summer, and more traffic means more car accidents. While most crashes are fairly minor, some cause serious injury to drivers and passengers. In the worst collisions, people are killed.

Here in Georiga, about 30 percent of annual traffic fatalities occur in the 100-day summer period. That is why the Georgia State Patrol does its best to reduce fatal car crashes each summer. Once again this summer, troopers launch a campaign they call 100 Days of H.E.A.T., during which they step up enforcement of traffic laws.

Distracted driving, speeding and more in Atlanta

Distracted driving is a big emphasis of the campaign. A lot of Georgia motorists, especially teenagers, continue to use their phones while driving, despite all we know about how dangerous it is. Troopers are also pulling over speeders and anyone else who is driving recklessly on state highways.

The possible consequences of another driver’s negligence

But law enforcement cannot stop every highway wreck before it happens. A negligent driver can do more than ruin your summer. If they severely injure you to the point of permanent disability, your independence and ability to support yourself financially could be gone. Your family could suffer from the loss of income and your reduced ability to care for them or provide companionship. These are the types of harms that a personal injury lawsuit can help compensate for.