The ever-increasing problem of road rage

You’re waiting at a red light when the aggressive honking begins. The driver behind you is extremely upset that you didn’t move the second that the light turned green. The more he honks, the angrier you get. Gestures are exchanged, and you go on your way. Suddenly, that angry driver is tailgating you and honking at you even more. You end up in a serious wreck. Approximately 40,000 people die in automobile crashes each year. Accidents caused by road rage account for 66% of those fatalities. The truth is there is no safety system that can protect you from an aggressive driver.

The staggering truth about road rage

Statistics show that at least 50% of all drivers have been involved in road rage incidents. Even more disturbing is the fact that  37% have a firearm or weapon in their car. Every year, 30 murders are committed by enraged drivers. 

What if I’m a victim of a road rage accident?

Accidents caused by road rage can be very scary. Take these steps to keep yourself safe:
  • Pull over to the side of the road. You can also drive to a safe location such as a police station, hospital, library, or any public place. This may discourage the aggressive driver from escalating the situation.
  • Do not engage with the aggressive driver. The honking, rude words, and gestures may continue after the accident. Roll up your windows and call 911.
  • Do not get out of your car. Try to remain calm and wait for the police to arrive.
 Should you find yourself with injuries due to a road rage incident, seek legal guidance to protect your right to fair compensation for your losses.