Why isn’t the interstate more dangerous?

The interstate is one of the safest places you can drive. This surprises a lot of people, especially new drivers. They find the interstate to be confusing and chaotic, and the high speeds are a bit unnerving – naturally thinking that it must be more dangerous. 

But the truth is that the interstate is, typically, well-regulated and more structured than other types of roads. With off-ramps and on-ramps, drivers should always know where other traffic is going to be. With medians and divided highways, all of that traffic should be facing the same direction. You also don’t have cross streets and other places where drivers have to make judgment calls about when to make a turn. 

All of this makes the interstate safer and reduces the odds of an accident. It’s true, however, that getting into an accident at higher speeds can lead to more severe injuries.

What are the reasons for interstate crashes?

When accidents do happen on the interstate, it’s often due to differences in speed or drivers who are changing lanes. Aggressive drivers may change lanes repeatedly and pass on both the left and the right, for instance, and that can lead to a crash. 

Some accidents also happen when a car gets lost in the blindspot of a commercial truck. Rear-end accidents can always happen, especially around road construction. Backups in traffic cause a lot of these wrecks. 

So, while the interstate is safe, you could still be injured. Be sure you know how to seek compensation if you are. It can help you pay your medical bills, cover lost wages and much more.