Was your shoulder dislocated during a crash?

No matter how safe you are as a driver, there’s always a certain level of risk on the roads. Being involved in a collision can be both physically and mentally traumatic. Many people are injured and killed each year in car crashes.

One of the more painful injuries that can occur is damage to the shoulder — particularly a dislocation. There are three different types of shoulder dislocations, and these are explained below in further detail.

Anterior dislocations

Anterior dislocations are the most common type. These occur when the joint of the arm is extended so much that it pops out of the shoulder socket in a forward direction. These injuries are always painful, and the treatment will vary depending on the severity of the injury.

Posterior dislocations

While much rarer, it is possible that the arm can pop out of the shoulder socket in a backward fashion. This is known as a posterior dislocation. Again, this type of injury can be very painful, and the treatment options will depend on how seriously the shoulder has been damaged.

Less common dislocations

By far, the least common type of shoulder dislocation a person may suffer is an inferior dislocation. This occurs when the arm is pushed out of the shoulder socket in a downward direction.

Shoulder dislocations can not only be serious in themselves, but they may also result in further complications such as tendon, nerve, and muscle damage. If you were injured in a crash because of someone else’s negligence, be sure to look into your legal options for seeking justice and compensation.