Is your loved one suffering emotional abuse in a nursing home?

Nursing home abuse can happen in a variety of ways. While physical abuse might be the most obvious and clearly visible form of abuse, emotional or psychological abuse is equally rampant in nursing homes.

Emotional abuse in a nursing home can be perpetrated by the caregiver, volunteer or any other staff working at the facility. The abuse can be verbal or non-verbal and can take any of the following forms:

  • Intimidating the resident by threatening or yelling at them
  • Ridiculing or humiliating the resident
  • Ignoring or failing to attend to their needs
  • Constantly blaming or terrorizing the resident
  • Isolating the resident from friends and family.

Spotting the symptoms of emotional abuse in nursing homes

You will need to be a lot more vigilant to take note of the symptoms of abuse. Sometimes, these symptoms may be aggravated by other life situations, such as illness or certain limitations. That said, here are some of the warning signs of emotional abuse in a nursing home:

  • A sudden decline in your loved one’s self-esteem
  • Sudden withdrawal, depression and anxiety
  • Attempts to self-harm or suicidal thoughts
  • A sudden change in sleeping and eating habits

Filing a nursing home claim

If your loved one is abused while under the care of a nursing home, it is important that you remove your loved one from the home as soon as possible. Once you have ensured their safety, consider filing a complaint against the facility. Depending on the severity of the abuse, you may also be eligible for damages. Knowing your legal options can help you safeguard your loved one’s rights.