Study: Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars

Both motorcycles and cars can be dangerous and both can be safe. It’s important to note that drivers have a responsibility with either vehicle to drive in a way that keeps others safe. This helps to prevent accidents, and there are many safe motorcyclists who have never been in a crash.

However, statistically speaking, motorcycles are still much more dangerous than cars. They cause fatal accidents at 29 times the rate you’re going to find in other vehicles. That’s an extreme risk that everyone needs to be aware of when they go out on the road.

How is this rate calculated?

The rate is calculated by comparing fatal accidents to the miles ridden or driven. The total accidents on motorcycles, at least in terms of fatal accidents, will be much smaller than the totals from car accidents. But the reason for this isn’t that motorcycles are safer. It’s just that they get driven far less often.

But when you look at how many fatal accidents there are per 100,000 miles driven, then you begin to create statistics that can be easily compared. This shows you the true frequency of these fatal accidents. And that is when it becomes clear that they happen much more often than fatal crashes with other vehicles.

Have you lost a loved one?

If you’ve been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver, or if you’ve lost a loved one in such a crash, be sure you’re well aware of all of your legal rights. Everyone deserves to be able to ride their bike safely, and those who are injured by the mistakes made by other drivers may need compensation.