Types of TBIs you may experience during a car accident

Car accidents don’t have to be severe to cause a TBI (traumatic brain injury). In fact, even minor accidents can result in this type of injury.

Knowing the types of TBIs that may occur and their symptoms can help you know when to seek medical attention.


This mild type of TBI can cause a short loss of consciousness. In most situations, there’s no permanent damage.


A contusion is a bruise to a certain part of your brain caused by an impact on your head. Two types can happen:

  •         Coup: This is when the brain is injured right under the point of impact.
  •         Countercoup: With this injury, the brain is injured on the opposite side of the impact.

Traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage

This term refers to bleeding in the space around your brain. In normal conditions, this space is filled with cerebrospinal fluid, which serves as a cushion to help protect your brain. The injury is caused by artery damage during trauma, and blood spreads across the brain’s surface, causing damage to other issues.


This is a blood clot that occurs after an accident causes a blood vessel to rupture. The blood escaping your bloodstream begins to thicken and eventually clot. If the hematoma gets too large, it can compress your brain. The symptoms you experience depend on the clot’s location.

What to do if you suspect a TBI

If you believe you have experienced a head injury, of any type, in an accident, seek medical care immediately. You can get the treatment you need and have documentation of the injury that can be used if you decide to file a lawsuit against the person or party who caused the accident.