Will the other driver’s policy actually cover your losses?

Your car insurance helps protect you against the liability that comes from operating a big, heavy piece of machinery in public.  If you cause a crash, the property damage and injuries that result from the wreck could potentially have catastrophic financial consequences for you. The other driver could hold you accountable for the cost to […]

Can I receive compensation for an injury if I can’t work?

Getting into an auto accident in Georgia is terrible enough, but if you are injured and can’t work, that makes the situation even worse. What can compound that is losing your job because of your injuries. Can you get compensation if you can’t return to work? Who is responsible for the accident? When other motorists […]

Sobering data regarding motorcyclists’ roadway vulnerabilities

Occupants in passenger cars – and certainly in larger commercial conveyances – are shielded from injury-causing catalysts that might strike their vehicles. In fact, they are cocooned in layers of protective steel. Not so motorcyclists. A negligent motorist’s claim to have not seen another vehicle he or she rammed into is a relatively rare assertion. […]

Is drowsy driving as dangerous as drunk driving?

Georgia residents who decide to drive their vehicles when they’re extremely tired are putting themselves and others on the road at risk. In fact, it’s been determined that drowsy drivers are three times likelier to get involved in a motor vehicle accident than a well-rested driver. It may be scary to contemplate, but drowsy driving […]

How to determine fault after a car accident

When an accident occurs in Georgia, it can be difficult to determine who was at fault for the event. Car insurance companies often investigate who was responsible for the collision to determine which insurance company must pay for the damages. The investigation process The process includes investigating which driver was negligent or acted carelessly. If […]