Mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Atlanta

Every year motor vehicle insurance companies pay out billions of dollars in settlements for motor vehicle accidents. Since insurance companies are a business, they look for ways to keep from spending money whenever possible. It is vital for drivers in Atlanta to know how important the negotiation process is when settling a motor vehicle accident […]

What can you do after a hit-and-run driver injures you?

After a motor vehicle accident, all drivers involved have the responsibility to remain on the scene. Yet, another driver might have collided with you and decided to flee afterward. Their decision may especially trouble you if you sustained injuries from the accident. Because Georgia follows fault-based insurance laws, you may worry that you will have […]

How strong is my personal injury case?

The strength of your personal injury case depends on a lot of factors. But you have to have an accurate understanding of your case’s strength so that you can best position yourself for success both at the negotiating table and at trial. Conducting an appropriately thorough analysis of one of these cases isn’t always as […]

Trucker shift time could be a factor in truck accidents

Georgia drivers who share the road with large trucks will understandably be worried about their size, the speeds at which they travel and the potential dangers they face if there is an accident. People can suffer catastrophic injuries and lose their lives in truck accidents. There are many potential causes for these collisions including distracted […]