Road rage and what to do about it

Road rage is an extreme form of aggressive driving. Many drivers in Georgia have been on the receiving end of another’s rage, or they themselves may have expressed their road rage to one degree or another. This problem often arises in traffic jams, and it can be connected to impatience and a feeling that the traffic laws don’t apply. Some drivers think they can do wrong insofar as their car masks their identity.

Different forms of road rage

Angry drivers typically limit themselves to verbal abuse or make an obscene hand gesture. Another common behavior is for angry drivers to slam their hands on the steering wheel or against the side of their car through an open window. After that, drivers can get very intentional in wanting to harm another person on the road.

Flashing the headlights, honking continuously, speeding, tailgating and crowding a lane are tell-tale signs of road rage. In extreme cases, the offended party may try to run the driver off the road.

What to do around an angry driver

One should never engage an angry driver but rather yield. A person may need to find a safe place to pull over and then call 911. Under no circumstances should an individual follow the angry driver. Vigilantism only puts one in greater danger.

For the victims of another’s road rage

Car accidents can involve road rage in one of two ways. Rage may cause the accident, or it may erupt after the accident. As the victim of road rage, you deserve compensation for your property damage and physical injuries. In fact, being the victim of an intentional act of violence, you may be eligible for both compensatory damages and punitive damages. A lawyer may better explain what’s involved in seeking damages.