Car accident takes lives of both drivers

People never think they are going to be involved in a car crash, though accidents happen every day for many different reasons. When a fatal accident happens because of someone’s failure to follow traffic laws, the loss can seem all the more tragic and senseless. One recent car accident here in Georgia took the lives of two young men and police are still searching for answers as to exactly why this occurred, though they say a traffic violation may have been involved.

Authorities say that the collision happened on a recent late afternoon on a state highway. A pickup truck heading west was reportedly going through an intersection when it was struck by a sports car. Police believe that the sports car ran a stop sign and the two vehicles collided and overturned in a nearby field.

Police say that both drivers died at the scene of the crash. A passenger in the sports car was injured and had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. Though it appears that the traffic violation is to blame for the accident, police are still working on their investigation. They have not announced whether there may have been any contributing factors, such as speeding or intoxicated driving.

The family of the pickup truck driver is likely struggling with the loss of their loved one and may even be worried about funeral expenses and other costs associated with this car accident. Even the passenger in the sports car may be concerned about the medical bills related to treatment of his injuries. Though the driver of the sports car did not survive, the victim and the family of the deceased victim could decide to pursue civil litigation against the estate of the sports car driver. A Georgia attorney with experience in handling personal injury and wrongful death claims can advise anyone in a similar situation of their rights and options.