Noticing the signs of emotional abuse

A common type of abuse in a nursing home is physical. This involves leaving restraints on patients for too long or neglecting the patient long enough for physical issues to arise. Another type of abuse in Georgia nursing homes that you might not be as familiar with is emotional abuse. If you have a family member in a nursing home, there are a few signs that you can look for that could indicate that this is taking place.


A sign of emotional abuse is shutting down when you try to communicate with your family member. This type of abuse often begins with nurses or other workers belittling the patient or saying negative things to the patient. You’ll usually find that the person doesn’t want to communicate out of fear, especially if there have been any threats by the workers of telling someone else about the negligence and abuse that is taking place.

Loss of interest

Sometimes, your family member might not want to engage in social activities with the other residents at the nursing home. This is often a sign of emotional nursing home abuse that is the result of depression. When workers at the facility yell at the patient, call the patient names, or prevent the patient from interacting with family members and friends, then it can trigger depression in many individuals. You might notice your family member staying in bed all day or sitting in a chair instead of watching television as well.

An attorney can help you begin an investigation into any abuse that could be occurring in the nursing home and can work with any witnesses who have seen the actions take place. A civil suit can then be filed that could result in compensation for pain and suffering or that could assist in transferring your loved one to another facility.