Dental injuries associated with car accidents

Road traffic collisions can result in various types of injuries. One type of injury that is commonly overlooked is dental injuries.

A severe dental injury can affect your ability to eat, communicate and function day-to-day. Dental injuries can also have a significant impact on your confidence and self-esteem. What types of dental injuries are likely to occur after a road traffic collision?

Lost teeth

Lost teeth are relatively common after a facial trauma has occurred. During a collision, your head may come into contact with the steering wheel or other parts of the car, with the force resulting in lost teeth. Not only is this extremely painful, but it can make it difficult to eat and communicate. Fortunately, dentists are generally able to provide effective treatments, but these come at a cost financially.

Jaw fractures

As well as sustaining damage to the teeth, there is a risk of the jaw being injured during a vehicular collision. Sometimes, the jaw might just be strained or bruised, but in more severe circumstances, you may suffer fractures to this area. Such an injury can put you out of action for several months. You’ll most likely find it difficult to talk, eat and carry out your job. With corrective surgery, people with jaw fractures are generally able to make a full recovery. However, this is a costly and lengthy process.

If you’ve suffered a dental injury because of someone else’s negligent driving, you are probably entitled to legal compensation. This will help to cover some of your medical costs, lost wages as well as other damages. Make sure you reach out to someone with experience in this field before taking your next step.