What Are Common Causes of Falls in Elderly Adults and How Can They Be Prevented?

Falls are a common and serious health risk for elderly individuals and according to the CDC, they’re the leading cause of injury-related death among adults aged 65 or older. Falls in elderly people can lead to significant pain, trauma, and disability, making it imperative that falls be prevented. 7 Common Causes of Falls for the […]

Are IV injuries a risk in nursing homes?

An elderly person who needs support through an intravenous injection (IV) may be dehydrated, require specialized medications or need pain relief. They should receive the support they need to be comfortable as they receive these medications. Sometimes, IV can be compromised. Other times, they are inserted painfully or miss the vein completely. In rare cases, […]

Resident aggression. A hidden danger in Georgia nursing homes

If you believe that nursing home abuse only occurs by caregivers (nurses, doctors, etc.), you are not alone. Most people share this belief, but resident-to-resident violence is a common cause of nursing home injuries and death. Generally, nursing homes protect your elderly loved ones from all forms of abuse. However, resident-to-resident violence can fall through […]

Georgia has a serious backlog of nursing home inspections

The past couple of years have been extremely difficult for those who work and live in nursing homes. Many state inspections throughout the country were placed on hold for a time. However, that’s no longer the case. State inspections are key to discovering problems and ensuring that they’re fixed. However, according to the U.S. Department […]

Is your loved one’s nursing home prepared for a disaster?

There’s no part of the country that’s immune from natural disasters. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen in cases from Florida to California, sometimes vulnerable nursing home residents whose protection should be a top priority for those responsible for their care are abandoned by staff who evacuated the facility and left them behind. In addition to natural […]

Dehydration in nursing homes: What you should know

Almost everybody knows that it’s important to stay hydrated. What about folks who can’t recognize their own needs due to dementia or other cognitive disorders? This is a common problem for the elderly, and they may end up suffering serious health problems when their caregivers don’t pay enough attention. What are the symptoms of dehydration? […]

Nursing homes should protect residents from spreading pests

Head lice are tiny insects commonly associated with daycare centers and elementary schools. Children who get in close proximity or who trade articles of clothing can quickly spread these obnoxious, biting insects to their friends and classmates. Although people usually associate lice with young children, these insects can attack people of any age. Those living […]