What are nursing home medication errors?

When a nursing home staff is poorly trained, inattentive or overly aggressive, elderly residents can suffer serious injuries and dangerous conditions. From the improper use of restraints and transportation injuries to falls and dehydration, nursing homes can quickly become a scary environment. While all elements of nursing home care are critical, few are more essential […]

New Georgia bill to reform senior health care facilities

A new bill was signed on June 30, which aims to reduce the risk of nursing home negligence in Georgia. House Bill 987 seeks to tackle some of the problems in the state’s health care facilities for older people brought to the public’s attention in a two-year investigation by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC). Georgia’s Department […]

Dehydration: Poor supervision is a problem for patients

There are many factors that contribute to dehydration in a nursing home, from patients taking medications that dehydrate them to not being given fluids regularly. Two of the biggest issues are inadequate staffing and poor supervision. Take, for example, the standard fluid intake a resident should have each day. On average, residents should drink around […]

Watch for signs of neglect and abuse in nursing home care

Nursing home abuse is a chronic problem that seems never to go away completely or for long, even solely judging from the many news reports we see or read. Of course, citizens have a right to demand accountability from the homes that take our elders and our money, as well as from their government watchdog agencies. […]

Nursing home kitchens may be serving up negligence

Some forms of elder abuse and negligence can be obvious. Bruises show trauma and dwindling bank accounts reveal fraud. But there is one cause that can affect seniors all across the country, and you might not realize where to look for it – in the kitchen. 33% of nursing homes violated federal standards for food […]

Help Senior Citizens Enjoy a Safe, Happy Holiday Season

Take time during the holidays to visit elderly friends and relatives who live alone or in nursing homes. Although the holidays emphasize family, festivities and fun, many people experience increased loneliness and isolation. However, you can add some joy to their lives. Preventing Senior Loneliness During the Holidays Studies show that 60 percent of nursing […]

Short-staffed Nursing Homes Endanger Patients During the Holidays

Nursing home understaffing affects every measure of patient care. Over the holidays, the strain on the staff shows more than ever. Patients are endangered whenever nurses and orderlies skip work on holidays, weekends and unpopular late-night shifts. How Overworked Health Care Workers Affect Patient Care Health care workers have important jobs. Their skills are needed […]

Nursing Home Industry Tries to Prevent Patient Lawsuits

In September 2016, the government took a step forward by banning federally funded nursing homes from forcing residents to accept mandatory arbitration agreements. These clauses prevent patients and family members from filing lawsuits following nursing home neglect, elder abuse and severe crimes like rape and murder. However, the industry’s most powerful groups don’t want you […]