Why is technology not leading to fewer crashes?

Car manufacturers continue to develop ways to keep you safer when driving. From crumple zones to airbags, from automatic braking assistance to cameras for reversing. So why are crash statistics not improving? There are several reasons, but some relate to the other features manufacturers have added to cars. Modern cars are full of distracting technology […]

Gaslighting is a hidden risk to elderly nursing home residents

The physical abuse of elderly people gets a lot of attention, and rightly so, in the media. However, abuse can take many forms, each as harmful as the next. Psychological abuse, in general, is a huge risk to those residing in a nursing home. However, gaslighting can make elderly people question their very sanity. What […]

Family of elderly woman fatally stung by fire ants wins lawsuit

In 2020, Georgia state lawmakers implemented a number of reforms in response to reports of elder neglect and abuse at facilities across the state, including some of the pricier, private ones. A number of these cases were brought to light in a series in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Now a Gwinnett County jury has weighed in […]

Dental injuries associated with car accidents

Road traffic collisions can result in various types of injuries. One type of injury that is commonly overlooked is dental injuries. A severe dental injury can affect your ability to eat, communicate and function day-to-day. Dental injuries can also have a significant impact on your confidence and self-esteem. What types of dental injuries are likely […]