Family of elderly woman fatally stung by fire ants wins lawsuit

In 2020, Georgia state lawmakers implemented a number of reforms in response to reports of elder neglect and abuse at facilities across the state, including some of the pricier, private ones. A number of these cases were brought to light in a series in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Now a Gwinnett County jury has weighed in […]

Knowing the status of a nursing home resident is essential

Having parents or an elderly relative with declining health may require them to live in a Georgia nursing home. Checking on them periodically to ensure that they are being treated right is essential, especially with the lack of thorough inspections in these facilities over the past year. Nursing homes must meet specific federal guidelines and […]

What are the signs of caregiver abuse?

One of the main causes of elder abuse within nursing home settings in Georgia and other U.S. states is caregiver burnout. While there is no excuse for elder abuse, there are several factors that may contribute to caregiver burnout. Financial issues, stressful working situations and substance abuse problems can lead to abusive or negligent care. […]

Common types of abuse that occurs at nursing homes

As people grow older in Atlanta their bodies do not work quite the same way as they do when they are younger. Due to this fact, they may need extra assistance with various activities throughout the day. Also, they may develop various diseases and injure themselves and require additional medical attention as a result. While […]

New Proposal Could Remove Rights of Nursing Home Residents

In the fall of 2016, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) took one step into the future by banning mandatory pre-dispute arbitration agreements. Now, the government has taken two steps into the past by revising the proposal and removing the most valuable protections for residents’ rights. The Proposal Banning Mandatory Arbitration in Nursing […]

Nursing Home Industry Tries to Prevent Patient Lawsuits

In September 2016, the government took a step forward by banning federally funded nursing homes from forcing residents to accept mandatory arbitration agreements. These clauses prevent patients and family members from filing lawsuits following nursing home neglect, elder abuse and severe crimes like rape and murder. However, the industry’s most powerful groups don’t want you […]