New Proposal Could Remove Rights of Nursing Home Residents

In the fall of 2016, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) took one step into the future by banning mandatory pre-dispute arbitration agreements. Now, the government has taken two steps into the past by revising the proposal and removing the most valuable protections for residents’ rights. The Proposal Banning Mandatory Arbitration in Nursing […]

Nursing Home Industry Tries to Prevent Patient Lawsuits

In September 2016, the government took a step forward by banning federally funded nursing homes from forcing residents to accept mandatory arbitration agreements. These clauses prevent patients and family members from filing lawsuits following nursing home neglect, elder abuse and severe crimes like rape and murder. However, the industry’s most powerful groups don’t want you […]

Why Bedsores Matter

Bedsores affect approximately 2.5 million patients annually. The condition occurs most often in seniors, but it also affects younger adults with limited mobility. Bedsores are sometimes called pressure ulcers because they develop when pressure limits blood flow to the skin. Ulcers are typically found in places where the bones and joints force the skin against […]

3 Ways to Spot Nursing Home Abuse

(404) 618 0082 to discuss your situation with Mr. Prieto. ” width=”800″ height=”493″ /> Make it your job to check on your elderly relatives. Visit them often to be sure that they’re receiving quality treatment. By following these steps, you can prevent nursing home abuse and identify problems before they impact your loved one’s well-being. […]

The Disabled are Abused Disproportionately in Nursing Homes

Numerous studies have found that disabled patients are abused more frequently and more severely than able adults. Frequent interactions with caregivers put these patients at risk. Adults and children with physical disabilities experience all types of abuse. Mistreatment and neglect can happen at home and in skilled nursing facilities. Organizations like the American Bar Association […]

Elder Care Abuse is NOT Just Physical

Elder abuse is a deplorable and inexcusable crime that goes unreported far too often. Abuse may go unnoticed even when there are physical injuries. Unfortunately, signs of psychological abuse are more difficult to detect. Family members are responsible for nine out of 10 elder abuse cases, but nursing facilities also neglect patients or use inappropriate […]

LGBT Community at High Risk for Nursing Home Discrimination

In the long-term care industry, LGBTQ+ discrimination is systemic. Hateful behavior comes from staff members and administrators as well as residents who are rude, disrespectful or homophobic. According to many sources, older individuals who fought for LGBT rights early on are being forced back into the closet due to an overwhelming fear of discrimination. A […]

How do I report nursing home abuse in Georgia?

Anyone can report nursing home abuse or neglect over the phone, online or by fax. It doesn’t take much time to file a complaint that could protect vulnerable people in Atlanta and throughout the state. Depending on where the abuse occurred, you can contact Adult Protective Services or the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH). […]

Importance of health care directives, living wills and estate planning

As we age, there is a possibility our mental faculties will diminish. Although it can be challenging to think about, there are legal safety measures to protect yourself and your loved ones before they ever have to face life issues in a nursing home, an assisted living facility or an intensive care unit. At the […]

Open communication with your aging parents is crucial to their safety and wishes

Talking with our elderly parents about their living situations and the possible need for change is not always easy. Who wants to discuss moving mom or dad to an assisted living or nursing home facility? A successful conversation depends, to some degree, on the relationship we have with our parents. It also depends on the […]