Who is to blame for causing a big-rig truck accident?

Without warning, a large truck smashed into your car from behind. You had been stopped in traffic, waiting along with other vehicles due to roadway construction. The force pushes your car into the vehicle ahead of yours, leading to a chain-reaction crash. However, your car received and you received the brunt of the damage and […]

Inexperienced drivers often among reasons truck accidents occur

Large truck accidents occur in a variety of ways. But their outcomes are usually the same: Other motorists sustain catastrophic injuries or die in collisions with these behemoth trucks. The causes of such accidents often are attributed to truck drivers, truck driving companies and their sub-contractors. These accidents – some of which are preventable — […]

How strong is my personal injury case?

The strength of your personal injury case depends on a lot of factors. But you have to have an accurate understanding of your case’s strength so that you can best position yourself for success both at the negotiating table and at trial. Conducting an appropriately thorough analysis of one of these cases isn’t always as […]

Recovering after an accident with a truck

Semi-truck drivers bear a lot of responsibility on public roadways. They’re responsible for hauling multiple tons of truck and cargo across the country, and a large burden falls on their shoulders to keep themselves and everyone around them safe from harm. Unfortunately, thousands of trucking accidents occur each year. An accident occurring between a semi-truck […]

Georgia’s Network Of Inland Ports Increases Fatal Truck Accidents

Officials with the Georgia Ports Authority and CSX Transportation continue to celebrate their successful push to build six inland freight ports across the state. Meanwhile, residents dread increased highway traffic and a rise in truck accidents. In 2013, Georgia’s first inland train-truck port opened in Savannah’s Garden City suburb. Murray County in Georgia’s northwestern corner […]

Why You Should Never Sign An Arbitration Agreement

In the case of arbitration agreements, what you don’t know can hurt you. A growing number of companies and professionals are slipping arbitration clauses into standard contracts. This trend is risky for consumers who unknowingly sign away their right to sue in court. An arbitration agreement shields companies and professionals from lawsuits by requiring customers […]

Top 4 Important Facts You Should Know About Trucking Accidents

Truck accidents claim 4,000 lives each year and injure some 95,000 motorists nationwide. If you live in Atlanta or travel through the city, you should know that 20 percent of that state’s fatal accidents occur in the five-county metropolitan area. Years of safety campaigns have reduced truck accidents by a modest amount, but figures continue […]